Services 19th January:

  • 11 am (English): Rev. Calum Iain Macleod
  • 6 pm (English): Rev. Calum Iain Macleod

'Little Lambs' Creche Rota 19th January: Katie Ann and Claire.

The Sunday School meets at 12.30pm Sunday in the church.

Campaigners will meet on Monday 20th January at 6.30pm in the North Lochs Community Centre.

Mid-week Prayer Meeting will be held on Wednesday at 7.30pm in the Church Hall. All welcome.

Bi-lingual Prayer Meeting will be held on Saturday at 7.00pm in the Session House.

The ninth episode of the Lochs Free Church podcast entitled On The Shore is available on the podcast page, to get to it from the menu click on "Community" and then "On The Shore Podcast".

Island Study Conference: The Island Study Conference will be held in the Harris Hotel, Tarbert, from 7th - 9th February 2020. Speakers expected are Rev. Alasdair I. Macleod and Rev. Dr. Robert Murdock. More information is available on the Conference website:

Ladies Prayer Breakfast: A Ladies Prayer Breakfast (Non-denominational) will be held in Failte (Retirement) Centre on the last Saturday of every month. We would warmly welcome any ladies to come and join us for prayer and fellowship. The morning will begin at 8.30am and finish about 11:30am and booking is essential, to book a place please could you text or telephone Donna Parkes on 07735324254.

Appointment of Presbytery Youth and Discipleship Support Worker: The Western Isles Presbytery is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Gordon Macleod as Youth and Discipleship Support Worker. Gordon, who is an elder in the North Harris congregation, will take up his post on 1st March 2020, God willing. His remit will include working with youth leaders and Kirk Sessions to develop youth discipleship in congregations throughout the Western Isles. He will coordinate the existing Presbytery youth work such as the hugely popular Presbytery youth camps and Big YF and look for new opportunities to develop the work. Gordon succeeds Alison Macdonald who was the Presbytery Youth Worker from 2005-2015. The change in title of this post reflects the change in remit and emphasis. Please give thanks to God for this appointment and pray for Gordon as he prepares to take up his post.

Appeal from the Minister: Dear friends, it is with considerable sadness and with a measure of frustration that I have asked this be included in the intimation bulletin. There have been a number if instances - despite a plea being made previously- where members and adherents within our congregation and others throughout our community, have fallen ill, had hospital admission or have suffered bereavement in immediate or extended family, and no one has told me about it, until after the event - sometimes by weeks. Whether it is assumed that such vital information is known by everyone else, or if when you learn of someone's/a family's time of need and don't feel it should be you who lets me know, please don't hesitate to 'phone, text, email or call in to the manse, or ask to see me after Church. If you don't tell me I won't know, and cannot help until sometimes too late...which can sadly be too little too late, causing additional hurt to those already in distress. To be more direct, if it is you or your family who are personally in a time of need and want me to come to see you, please don't wait for someone else to tell me for you, or expect that they automatically will. If you feel you can't, please ask someone to contact me for you. I need to hear from you. To any who feel they have been overlooked in their times of trial and need, and wish to have had more assistance and help from me personally or from others in the Church, allow me to in light of what is said above, wholeheartedly apologize. We looked on Wednesday night of last week at James 5, where those who are ill - apparently bedridden - are instructed to call for the Elders of the Church to come and pray with them. Please take these words to your heart and memory, and help us to help you in this way.