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The Christianity Explored course has been completed and a huge thanks go out to the helpers who gave willingly of their own time and also to those attending as participants, who displayed continued commitment in their frequent attendance and study throughout the course.

If you are not yet a Christian, or indeed a new Christian, then you are welcome to come along. There will be no pressure to speak, no homework that must be completed and you can even come along if you have attended all or some of the course in the past. There is no fee for attending the course, all we ask is that you donate 90 minutes of your time for seven weeks.

Coming to a Christianity Explored course doesn't mean that you are a Christian or that you are 'seeking' - it may just be the case that you are curious about the Christian faith and would like to find out more. If you are interested or have any questions then please speak to any of the leaders from the previous course: David Gray, Rhoda Macdonald, Katie-Ann Macleod, Chrissie Smith or Kevin Macphail.

What is Christianity? Watch the video below to find out more:

Please check back to this part of the site for further details and dates for the next Christianity Explored course.