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Upcoming Event: The Campaigners end of term evening will take place on Monday 17th June in the North Lochs Community Centre at the earlier time of 5.30pm. We will be having the usual mix of activities for the children, provided by Pursuit Hebrides, along with refreshments and a BBQ. We would like to take the opportunity to invite all parents and member of the congregation to join us for a fun and friendly evening for all the family with the Campaigners' leaders and children.

Easter Tasks 2019

The Campaigners senior group looked at the Easter story throughout the month of March. As well as learning about what is one of the most important events in the Christian calendar, the children also had a few craft activities to complete; these were making a bowl with feet to remember that we are all servants and not to become proud and to finish off the Easter message they made tombs with the message "Jesus is risen".



2018-19 Work

Throughout the 2018-19 term, the focus of the senior group has been mainly around two themes: Jesus' walk on the earth and some of the jobs at that time. With the help of the map on the wall, the children were shown the places where Jesus performed many of His miracles and other events that are recorded in the bible.


About Campaigners:

Campaigners is very popular activity with the children and we are always stretched in terms of manpower. If there are any in the Congregation who would like to be involved, or feel they could help, please come along or contact one of the leaders.

Campaigners is a youth organisation for all children of school age (P1-S6) which meets each Monday evening between 6.30pm and 7.45pm in the community hall, Leurbost (pictured below), during the school term. All our activities revolve around structured evenings, which include Biblical teaching in a friendly, fun and enjoyable environment. Our activities are designed to help our young people to learn new skills, make new friends, enjoy the company of a mixed peer group and learn about the Christian message in an engaging way.

Community Centre

The children learn about Jesus and the Bible in their classes.

activity 1activity 2activity 3

This is followed by an activity which builds upon what they have been learning.

craft 2craft 3craft 4

The children proudly display their work.

finished 1finished 2finished 3

There is always time for some physical activity aswell.

activity 1activity 2

But this is thirsty work, so after activities juice and snacks are served.